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Name:Limit your Session Roll with good chance for Win
Uploaded by: l2r
First of all, I am not a developer but this is my first script. See if you like it.

Main variables are,
investpercent = how much percent of your total balance to invest
chance = 47.5 (because I liked it)
multiplier = 1.87 (this is set to make sure you make a profit from a WIN after a loss)
stoploss = This is the percent that deducted from session roll at which you want the betting to stop to avoid more loss than your session roll (Default 0.32)
sessionprofit = set a value at which profit level you want to stop

cwin and closs are the Win and Loss counters and some logic to randomize LOW or HIGH bet after losses.

If the bet is a WIN, then no flip. Only flip LOW or HIGH on a Loss

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l2r08:08:2016 04:36
This script ha serious code leak in certain situation, please remove it Seuntjie.

Both my scripts need to be taken off for now for others' safety
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essexrandd13:12:2016 17:57
Hello I know you have not recommended this for use. But please tell me how to make this work. Every time i type the Start () command it give me a LUA ERROR!! [string"chunk"]:1:attempt to call global 'start'(a nil Value)

my email is

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essexrandd13:12:2016 19:31
Never mind i got it! now is there a way for the roll session to automatically adjust to gains within the balance. Something like a trailing Stop loss.

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