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Name:2 Wins
Uploaded by: chilly2k
Bets at 39.6% chance.
best to start with a balance of 10 coins (at least thats what I've been doing on JD).  
***** Bot keeps betting till you bust ******

Fixed betting with a very aggressive martindale.  base bet is multiplied by 40 for the first 2 trys, then the multiplier is divided by 2 for each successive try.  
For a base bet of .00000001
The first try will be X 40 or .00000040 the next will be X40 or .00001600 the next is X 20 or  .00032 followed by X10 or .0032.  
This continues until the multiplier is < 1.85 at which time the remaining bets are incremented by 1.85.  
  This version checks the rolls until it see either 2 wins or 2 loses in a row.  Once that occurs it waits for the next win and then try the bet.  It's attempting to find a 2 win streak and avoid the hi/lo/hi/lo streaks that sometimes occur.   

There are 2 savings features built into this script.  There is a target value.  Once the balance is over the target, the target and any extra is invested.  The 

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astrovbags8023:08:2015 17:48
This comment has been removed.
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seuntjie23:08:2015 18:47
I've asked this before. Please keep the comments relevant to the page, as in to this specific script.
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girlie7705:07:2017 03:11
hi.. may i ask
i used this script oncethen when i used it 2nd times... i lost lot of sats

thank let e know ifidonesomething wrong.. 

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albereliab25:04:2017 06:33
Buenas noches. como obtengo el 2FA code?
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Bhagwan13:12:2017 06:07
Can't run your script, I have pasted in consloe after clearing it, in forefox browser.
an error appiers=  SyntaxError: expected expression, got keyword 'if'
Why ?
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baraniday11:09:2016 06:16
I found a weblog that sells your script.
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xti330:01:2018 22:36
This comment has been removed.
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xti330:01:2018 22:42
This comment has been removed.
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xti330:01:2018 22:43
make it 0.03 :) i can't even enter stop in time. It just suddenly blows it all away, and only once did it win by betting big. after that, all big bets down the drain
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