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Name:Looking for Losers
Uploaded by: dd900
Bets at 24.97%. The script looks for a large losing streak before multiplying the bet x4. If the x4 bet is lost the script will double the bet (x2) 5 more times. If a win is still not achieved the chance is raised to 75.042% and bet is multiplied by 12.75. If the x12.75 bet is not won each bet is then multiplied by 7.25 until a win is achieved. Upon winning the bet will go back to base and the chance returned to 24.97%. Please read notes in the script!!!

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jimmy09:11:2017 11:59
How can I make it to work? Simulation goes smoothly but when try to use it on bitsler it doesn't even start. Need some help. 
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irek12:10:2017 19:12
Boom 21 lost he he bad luck. I will test all scripts on this page. If i will have enough money. 
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