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Name:High Chance Regression/Martingale Variation
Uploaded by: grendel25
This script doubles the bet after a loss but starts at a very high chance of success:  95%.  After each bet the chance reduces enough to bring equilibrium to profit but stops reducing chance at 49.5%.  First loss goes from 95% to 67%, then 57% and then gradually lower and closer to 49.5%.  It basically buys you a few more higher probability roles before the same old 49.5% martingale.  It's similar to the "recovery" strategy used here but not all sites give a bonus over various bets:;all

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juliusadiprayoga30:11:2016 08:17
This comment has been removed.
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gabrielss08:01:2017 22:11
exelent script
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gabrielss08:01:2017 22:13
is the best
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bitsleres13:01:2017 11:09
Hi! This scripts works very well. However, is there any way to force it to reset to another bet after, let's say, 4 reds in a row playing at 50-60 chance?
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kevinkenzo31:05:2017 19:29
I run scripst is error . It show me message "Please set starting bet using nextbet = x.xxxxxxxx "

Please help me. Thank
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seuntjie01:06:2017 06:41
The error tells you exactly what to do. Set a starting bet in the console using the command "nextbet = xx.xxxx" where xx.xxxx is your base bet/starting bet.
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carlosdelagarza08:11:2016 06:44
Nice script
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Nephsys27:05:2017 18:10
Thank you for the script, its almost perfect. Only one thing: How can we setup max loss streak ? Because if i set in the settings mode - advenced - martiangle its not working.
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