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Name:Paroli Betting
Uploaded by: haruglory11
I made this script based on this idea so the description regarding it is explained there.

Note: If you want to change the base to a higher amount, change the curbet amount outside function dobet and inside function dobet.

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DestroGames30:05:2018 16:46
Hey! Nice script.

If you are looking to follow the exact specifications of the Paroli as listed in that site, then might I suggest two edits so that will fix the issue of betting the base amount twice before increasing, if the first loss happened on the base:

After "if currentstreak%3==0 then" put a "resetstats()" function

Change the Else line to: "if currentstreak==-1 and wins > 0 then"

That will patch it right up! Nice work.
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