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Name:Pluscoup by chilly2k and grendel25
Uploaded by: grendel25

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findyou133725:05:2016 15:44
the script works great . but after a few minutes or hours i become a message "lua error script , what can i do to solve this?
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seuntjie27:05:2016 07:22
Can you provide more details regarding the error? It should give a line number etc. If you encounter it again, please post the error and a screenshot of the console/last few bets before the error.
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chaiyoot710:06:2016 15:50
how to fix?
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flashyolo42012:07:2017 01:00
nevermind it was just bitsler server throttling the bets.  But also is this fully pulscoup because i noticed for example coming from -40u and the bet is current 25u if i win we will be at -15u shouldnt the next bet be then 16u? to get the 1 unit profit but instead i notice it continues and places 26u wager for next bet and when it loses it puts you into more of a hole losing 10 more units then we should if we are playing real oscars grind just trying to get clarification thankss
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Andrewblood28:06:2018 20:34
Great but after 100.000 rolls i stopped by 12k satoschi bet because he goes more and more with my balance down (0.01)...
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Aragorn8321:06:2017 14:30
brilliant script
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flashyolo42011:07:2017 07:43
hi so i noticed when i use this script the bot slows down at times is that normal? for example sometimes it would be fast for 10 bets then it stops and takes a bit for the next few bets then stops so on it also stops at random intervals not after a win or anything because i noticed it stops sometimes in middle of a lose streak but then resumes from where it left off just pause every now and then
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