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Name:90%-10% Bitsler desde faucet
Uploaded by: devilrejects
Este script está basado en el que hizo jnorris92 pero con un balance minimo mucho mas bajo. Basicamente lo que realiza es apostar primero con 90% hasta ganar 10 veces seguidas luego pasa a chance 10% y va multiplicando la apuesta por 1.115 hasta ganar. Supongo que cuanto mas balance inicial tengan sera mas imposible perderlo todo ya que la parte critica esta en la chance 10% que se debe jugar hasta ganar, lo maximo que llegue a perder fue 30 veces seguidas. Agradezco cualquier sugerencia.

Google translate: 
This script is based on the one made by jnorris92 but with a much lower minimum balance. Basically what it does is to bet first with 90% to win 10 times in a row then it goes to 10% chance and is multiplying the bet by 1.115 until winning. I guess that the more initial balance they have will be more impossible to lose everything because the critical part is in the 10% chance that you must play until winning, the maximum you get to lose was 30 times in a row. I appreciate any suggestions.

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dimon04:08:2017 05:55
Hi.I have a script such as you around for a long time,you need to add more chances for the game to him.If 20 losses in a row, chance 10, the rate of 0.0000003 chance increase 9 to 11 percent,if the chance 9 losses 20 times in a row then the chance of 8 increasing 9 percent.On chance 10 increase 9 percent.Can you add it?I just don't know how to write scripts
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dimon04:08:2017 06:18
chance1 = 89
chance2 = 10
bethigh = true
basebet = 0.00000001
nextbet = 0.00000001

function dobet()

if (win) then
    nextbet = basebet
    chance = chance1
  if currentstreak%30==0 then
     nextbet = 0.00000001
     chance = chance2
     bethigh =!bethigh
if chance==chance1 then
     nextbet= previousbet*1.0
if chance==chance2 then
if (chance==chance1 and currentstreak==-3) then
if (chance==chance2 and currentstreak==-10) then
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irek09:10:2017 12:50
After 1222 bets I have lost 0.002btc to 57 loses on 10% chances. 
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dimon04:08:2017 06:18
you have a poorly done,more less not working properly,should chance on the 10 must play, or only more or only less
here is my script,you can change it like I asked above?
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luke6922:08:2017 12:09
Thank dimon,, the script work.. the 89% is better i think
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