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How do I use this?

Name:81.12% - 33.33% (100% win)
Uploaded by: fernanditu
i dont have mutch to say,,i started with 0.05 bankroll and still winning,,i used other script uploaded in this site and modified as i want.

you can modify the base bet. good luck!

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dicechamp23:08:2017 08:09
Trying this one, slow but steady, working good!
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EdwinouJ07:12:2017 12:43
Hello it is my experience after 1 day its crash after 27 looses.
Now I hate primedice and I think I'll suicide really.
Thanks for helping it was all my money.
Au revoir the life.
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dogeqink14:05:2019 01:35
the best script 
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fernanditu22:05:2019 23:07
hello friend, keep working good? some profits?
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Papanikolis929:05:2019 15:08
Not working. Tested. With 1M Doge and failed.
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