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Name:90% - x10 - adapted
Uploaded by: Michael75
Bets at 90% chance, if lose multiplying lastbet x10, works with adapted bets value - based on your balance.

--if balance = 0.09000000, nextbet wil be 0.00000090 at 90% chance
--if lose ==> balance = 0.08999910 and nextbet = 0.00000899 at 90% chance. 
--if lose ==> balance = 0.08999011 and nextbet = 0.00008999  at 90% chance...etc

Minimum recomended balance: 0.01000000 (6 level). Can work at lower level, but not for long time. (6 levels = 1 chance from 1000000 bets to lose)

Works best to grow from 0.009 to 0.01 or 0.09 to 0.1 etc. It is slow, usually safe!

If you find this script useful, small donations are gladly received at 1JknbmmXfBayiujcqUjAf4pvQ78KjgCh1Y

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Michael7503:07:2017 05:34
Feedback and suggestion are appreciated!
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