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Name:speed ascent from pingu
Uploaded by: pingu
--The boys and girls.Hello!! (this is a really condescending way to greet people on this site)
--Please try my script. 
--This script is quite dangerous,but short-term its use allows to obtain good profit with a large balance and very fast to increase a little balance.
--the first run I recommend to make the minimum bet,please note the divider, the balance will be billed in two places in the code.
--this scenario allowed me to get a good profit and to raise good profit with small balance.but I'm not a Playa and in the end, I lose hands.(((
--this script I tried to bitvest,999dice,YOLOdice
--please see the screenshot on the strategy here:
--my other scripts and video about them here:
--if you liked the script,or if you have earned good amount of money with this script,please donate to me.I really need the money.thank.
--BTC = 16YB6cCAMuAyk1CfJviJbjJkCe1cNyS9Q 
--LTC = LXzmrs5PG9mjSFQLh1R7erh594SMkuV2wq 
--DOGE = DFVzntxthWYUdLRxypmrMQQqzwQEPouEV7 
--ETHER = 0x93db75e9f7271982e693277f9b2d6bcb13501793
(Referrals are my main source of income, I can't let you advertise or require referrals)

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LTDice221:10:2017 17:45
bankrolls super fast, would not suggest using this.
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