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Name:c49 anti streak loss
Uploaded by: ykid
thousand strategy i make for a script.
sometimes the script is work fine for a night. but tomorrow this make my coin fly away.

i think this is not best strategy for dice. 
but i hope it can be usefull idea for many script programmer. 

so this is strategy from my script.

chance 49.

if u got loss 
nextbet is a basebet ( to avoid u got stright loss)
this is until u got win..
after win . the bet will increase with this formula (nextbet=[profit*-1]+[basebet*2])


if u got 10 strigh loss..
and ur basebet is 1 
so u got -10 , right?

and after that u got win 
so ur profit is -9

so nextbet is 11

if right .. u got surplus in profit by 2 right..
but if u got lose again

-9-10 u got -19 right?
the nextbet back to basebet again..

until u got green.. 
and the formula will work again..

so this strategy need just 2 green . so u have profit by 2* basebet.

i use balance/10000 for my basebet..

my strategy have a weakness if u got just no 2 green in many times .. 

but i think with basebet/10000 i can handle it..

sorry for my bad english.. but i hope u can understand what i mean..

if u have any question or u have idea strategy and need help to make script u can email me on

if u want to make donation

thanks .. 

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