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How do I use this?

Name:Double Martingale Strategy
Uploaded by: thehalfpotato
"The first martingale uses a low winning chance but triples your bet. If a losing streak kicks in, the 2nd level martingale recovers the losses, regains your bankroll with extra profit on the side."

All Credits go to (a website that doesn't link here for downloads but instead to a hosting site, So i'm removing the URL for safety reasons)

check out website for more tips and tricks on betting

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magfeliz400024:02:2017 18:26
Can I change the base bet and nextbet of this script to, for example, nextbet = 0.00000010 Or 0.00000100 ? 

Waiting your response Asap, Thanks very much for advance for your next response, 

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Dramorian04:06:2017 19:34
what it s the best gambling for this script?
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CttCJim09:11:2017 13:18
Seconding the request for scaling this bot up to a larger base bet - anyone tested that yet?

I started with about 100k satoshi on bitvest. first run it failed after a few hours, but then i started it again and overnight i'm up 54k. So far it's awesome!
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CttCJim09:11:2017 16:57
up 240k and still going. best script i've tried.
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vasdeb200029:07:2017 23:34
how to run this script? When balance is 2000 Satoshi it makes one bet, then stops. Explain all steps in detail. I'm not a programmer so all this is to know myself.
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thenumber8113:03:2017 04:24
I am loving this script. There's nothing like it. Someone posted this on YouTube and it's pretty stable. I'm not sure the minimum reccommended balance but for now it has lasted a while from 2k satoshi.
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savagechris7915:03:2017 05:23
when I try to start simulator with this strategy get the error: 
"[string "chunk"]:1: attempt to call global 'dobet' (a nil value)"

how resolve this ?
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seuntjie15:03:2017 07:38
Sounds like you didn't copy the whole script. Make sure you select ALL of it and paste it into the code box in DiceBot.
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girlie7705:07:2017 03:29
can i use his in bitsler?
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Yopilax08:07:2017 04:38
This comment has been removed.
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Yopilax08:07:2017 04:46
This comment has been removed.
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Yopilax08:07:2017 04:54
This comment has been removed.
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Yopilax08:07:2017 05:05


     	Seuntjie, I can confirm that he is using the script correctly.   I used a few of them without a problem and then something changed. It just happened a couple hours ago again and I cannot use scripts.

  Now I have read multiple posts telling you these symptoms but never together, so here they are....

1) With any script the bot will bet your whole bankroll.

2) it will then forcefully stop the script with the error, "[string "chunk"]:1: attempt to call global 'dobet' (a nil value)".

     I have no miners, a cleanly installed OS.  Also, nothing is changed in the program.  It just starts destroying bankrolls and then errors.

  Eventually, it will go back to normal function.  Last night it was about five hours that I was screaming at it.  Again, nothing had changed.

  I have deletes the folder in roaming and unzipped fresh with no change.  At this point and with the failure rate of the basic martingale, I'm pretty much just using this program to run simulations from the advanced menu.

  For whatever reason, some of your users are unable to use this program properly with any script.

  Now you know exactly what is happening.  I'm on a 8 core AMD,32GB properly timed memory, my main drive is a 1TB M.2, nvidia GPUs, And as said; the WIN10 Pro is legit and less than two weeks installed.  This program is started as admin.  I am running no games, or extra programs; especially those using the .net stack or lua structure, whatsoever.  UAC and windows defender are off and I am in the DMZ.

I hope this gives you some kind of idea.

  I will keep trying to tinker to get to the bottom of this but frankly, it's losing me money in nearly an entire day's wasted time..    

  That said, Thehalfpotato this is an amazing script to compliment a beautiful hosting software at it's proper function.  Kudos and thank you both for all your effort.


     I should also point out that sometimes the command, "nextbet = 00.00000001" works and then it just continually bids once at 1 satoshi.  Then it stops like normal.  Sometimes it does not work and the max bankroll is set.

     These lua errors are consistent even to simulation, which makes perfect sense.  Using syntax to start the sim makes no difference, which also makes perfect sense.

P.S.  I edited and reposted this so as to not have a  bunch of posts with one message but it seems the forum keeps the footprint.
Sorry 'bout that.
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Yopilax08:07:2017 07:17

     Alright, I cannot be certain without encountering the problem again but it seems that the error begins when a simulation is called on the script from the GUI, rather than through the runsim command.

  However, after running through syntax it seemed to work fine through the GUI edits, starts, stops and even hiding and re-showing the sim app.  This is why I am wary of the discovery.  post hoc ergo propter hoc and what not.  So, I'll test again if it makes me.

  Until then, I will run the sim through syntax first.

  I will make one more post when I have some solid data on this scripts performance in simulation at different basebet settings.  I only accept results close to one million bets worth of gain.

  This bug has been driving me insane and I can't be the only person out there.  So, I hope this post helps someone that finds it tucked away in the corner of the site and at what is the page of one of the best scripts I've found thus far.
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supernicky19108:07:2017 15:26
I  same    I  don,t bet all but it bet  all  1.6  ETH   
Out of pocket   
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seuntjie10:07:2017 10:16
Running the sim from the GUI will not work for programmer mode scripts unless you already started the script using the start function or used the runsim function. These functions are what parses the script and makes it available to the bot. If you try to run the sim from the gui without having used either commands, the bot doesn't have a script to simulate yet, and any changes made to the script are not parsed until one of these commands are used. The GUI simulation tool was never meant to be used with the programmer mode, that is what the programmer mode console function is for.

As for the other points you shared: I cannot reproduce any of them. 9 times out of 10 its a script or user error, but on the off chance that it is not, I always ask for steps to reproduce the problem/s. Most of the problems that you encounter sound either like it originates from attempting to use the GUI simulation with the programmer mode or from script logic or syntax errors.

If you can give me steps to reliably reproduce the problems, I will look into fixing them. I am willing to believe that these errors exist, but until I am able to reproduce the errors, I have nothing to fix (because I can't know what causes the errors if I can't see it with my own eyes). 
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Yopilax10:07:2017 23:13
     I wasn't asking for a fix.  Just trying to give you what I knew at the time it happened.  I have not reproduced it again since I began running the simulations properly.

  You probably mention this in programmer mode section and I missed it entirely.  I'm just glad for confirmation that I wasn't insane.

  I was doing so much each time and I am a creature of habit.  AS I was knocking out simulation after simulation, it's likely I did not set nextbet the times it happened prior to running.  If I did it once, its likely I'd do it again.

  I was thinking this when I posted the first time and anticipated another encounter with it in order to disprove.

  So in general, the only problem exists between the computer and the chair.  Nice.

  For the record, I write a different type of software.  ...And I am notorious for making multiple edits without testing between if that explains me.

  I should have checked attempted to reproduce but I was on the forum on my laptop during the errors.  I wanted to post while it was fresh in my head and this tool is most useful for its simulator. 

  I have yet to find a script here that passes more checks than some simple number settings in the official UI; one of which has passed 9 million simulations.  This script took me from 700 faucet to 80k before bottoming.  
jossy may be good at higher bankrolls to take advantage of the 11+ roll drops.  but it's really about time played and the pool of statistical events.  Any script that is moderately stable can in theory go to.01. 


TL;DR - This program is working as intended.  Users please make sure to follow the directions and nextbet = 00.00000001 prior to running or you might lose the bankroll.

  Make sure when running simulations from programmer mode to runsim(double startingBalance, int NumberOfBets) before attempting to run it from the GUI.

Don't be a dummy like myself and you will enjoy good function from an indispensable tool.
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girlie7705:07:2017 03:29
can i use this on bitsler?
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vasdeb200029:07:2017 23:36
I'm not a programmer because I do not know what to do
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Hash898910:03:2020 22:31
I have been running it over night and through the day for a while now, while at work and through the night its set on 0.005 basebet, seems to do be doing pretty well, but i don't understand the invest option, anyone enlighten me a little? i am currently running it with dogecoin, balance is now at 60k, what value is needed? (or is it simply the amount i wish to invest at a particular profit or something)
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