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Name:Double Martingale Strategy
Uploaded by: thehalfpotato
"The first martingale uses a low winning chance but triples your bet. If a losing streak kicks in, the 2nd level martingale recovers the losses, regains your bankroll with extra profit on the side."

All Credits go to (a website that doesn't link here for downloads but instead to a hosting site, So i'm removing the URL for safety reasons)

check out website for more tips and tricks on betting

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magfeliz400024:02:2017 18:26
Can I change the base bet and nextbet of this script to, for example, nextbet = 0.00000010 Or 0.00000100 ? 

Waiting your response Asap, Thanks very much for advance for your next response, 

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thenumber8113:03:2017 04:24
I am loving this script. There's nothing like it. Someone posted this on YouTube and it's pretty stable. I'm not sure the minimum reccommended balance but for now it has lasted a while from 2k satoshi.
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savagechris7915:03:2017 05:23
when I try to start simulator with this strategy get the error: 
"[string "chunk"]:1: attempt to call global 'dobet' (a nil value)"

how resolve this ?
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seuntjie15:03:2017 07:38
Sounds like you didn't copy the whole script. Make sure you select ALL of it and paste it into the code box in DiceBot.
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