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Name:Proportional Betting with Soft Wallet and AutoWithdrawls
Uploaded by: redundantduck
**WARNING: It can be volatile so I recommend with all gambling things, be prepared to part with your cryptocoins as well as enjoy the potential of gaining more.

This script is a bit volatile but I have found it successful at generating profits when you start out with at least 50,000 satoshi. It creates a soft wallet to hold your initial bankroll and bets with a fraction of that amount at a time (default is 1/77th of your soft wallet). 

Winning bets get adjusted towards a slightly lower winning chance.
Losing bets get adjusted with a bet that is slightly larger than the default bet and they contain the 150% of the previous bet. Chance on losing is adjusted pseudo randomly with some limits based upon the losing streak.

If your winnings exceed twice the original soft wallet, the total original balance is increased to 125% ( 1000 satoshi would turn into 1,250).

If your losses empty the soft wallet, the script will reset it to its current base amount and put the bot to sleep for 30 seconds. Then it should continue again.

I know this strategy can prevent you from regaining all of your losses on a bad losing streak but the goal was to mitigate total losses and take advantage of rapid gains.

If you enjoy it, please consider donating to Seuntjie and then maybe kicking back a little bit for me.

Thanks and good luck!

-----BTC = "3ET9DXWJySuKUiZLMppWaEtVJ6h9icoLCK"
-----LTC = "LdXyhPToC74MqiCYEG4WoTWnkS1VRXkZgR"
-----DOGE = "DAARZ2ECuK5u5Pgp2trrdJd7G4nUfHCYqH"
-----ETHER = "0x08B29C57726569a172aF808a6A58A8d7afE06239"

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latiftoof25:05:2017 06:57
I'd love to test this however it keeps yielding this error when i try to start()

Any idea why?

primary expression expected, got '/'
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seuntjie25:05:2017 13:47
Please Copy the script again and try again
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Aragorn8304:07:2017 13:36
first i won then i lost the profit and then i lost more
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luke6923:08:2017 10:04
Thank the script work.. but how change the basebet ?

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