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Name:Going Up
Uploaded by: HeyYouGuys
High Performance Round Based Script. 

Using continuous auto-recalculation for bet size for each roll, the bot auto determines your bets based simply on your balance for high returns and low to moderate risk of loss with built in stop loss limits. 

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BetaBitcoin25:04:2017 02:15
Hello ! I have a balance of 0.01 btc .... In this case how should I make the settings in the script?
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teeftoof03:05:2017 16:24
Why does my chart look like this?

I goes up and down.. is that normal?  Is every win supposed to at least break you even or no?
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irek23:10:2017 18:39
Is this script just to lose the money i am already 0.05 down the drain? Should it not recover after the loss?
started with 0.21 after 1700 bets 0.05 less on my bankroll?
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