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Name:Gober V 1.0
Uploaded by: Uncle_Gober
This script start on chance 88% bet low, and after 15 wins streak the chance will decrease to 12% and bet high, on assumption after 15 wins streak there is no high roll number over 88.00 appears, and will reduce the risk of losing streak on chance 12%.
If chance 88% and lose the next bet will multiply 5x and if bet at chance 12% and loss next bet will multiply 1.145x.
after first win, bet will reset to base bet.

Important : Before start the script please set zigzag on advanced mode, Switch after 20 wins in row.

Minimum recommended balance:
BTC/LTC/ETH : 0.001
Doge : 1000
This script gaining profit around 10-15% per hour

I have tested this script on 999dice site, and run for more than 800.000 bets and still survive.
If you have any question you can contact me by email or Whatsapp +6281805460391

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radist181217:03:2017 05:09
How to set zigzag?
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Uncle_Gober17:03:2017 12:10
set zigzag on advanced mode, set change after 20 wins in row
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HiDevin120:03:2017 01:35
losed 30k doge on duckdice with the switch after 20 wins in a row above :( its ok. maybe just unlucky :P
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Uncle_Gober20:03:2017 04:11
Sorry for that, I just tested on 999dice, maybe every dice site is different. and you know there is no 100% winning strategies on dice
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radist181221:03:2017 15:21
At 999Vdice 12% 53 times in a row does not withstand a deposit, how to reduce the percentage of the initial rate in the script?
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radist181221:03:2017 15:26
How to reduce the percentage of the initial rate in the script?
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Uncle_Gober26:03:2017 09:30
if (win) then
       nextbet = basebet
       chance = chance1
     if currentstreak%20==0 then
   nextbet = balance*0.0001  <------ here you can change initial rate for                example balance*0.000001

  chance = chance2
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manhnink16:02:2018 07:23
seem chance not working ?
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