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Uploaded by: GlenArven
-- The ultimate martingale script
-- The only thing you need to decide on is what the basebet will be .
-- Based on your available balance, the minimum balance and 2x bet multiplier are calculated.
-- Bethigh is selected based on past rolls. Nothing is perfect but this system works the best, imho.
-- Not going to fully explain it. Look at the code and figure it out.
-- 1.1x bets can be enabled or disabled
-- minimum balance can be enabled or disabled
-- 1.1x bet ammounts are conservative and based on available balance
-- If you want riskier or safer 1.1x bets "tbaldiv" and "tbaldiv2" can be changed with the values listed on line 68
-- To change the automatic 1.1x bets change the "tbaldiv" and "tbaldiv2" values in the "tbaldiv calc" section
-- Added automated tipping tip(username/userid:string, amount: decimal
-- Bet multiplier, lo count, hi count, maximum available rolls, maximum number of losses sustained, 
-- count of 1.1x bets rolled, and minimum balance are displayed after each roll.

I will not  be working on this script anymore unless a major bug is reported. Thx for your interest. If you like this script donations are accepted at 113JwiMN19MyziPEDohuFDrhujgzGrnqz4

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Michael7520:03:2017 17:46
This comment has been removed.
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douglaspanda18:04:2017 21:26
Would I have  reset seed and stop when I reach value? Max value profit
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Michael7521:03:2017 17:05
This is best work ever on martingale strategy. 

It is possible to add preroll betting 0.00000000 (for the site that supoport this) to this script? 
This is useful for a smaller balance. For example, if i start at 0.00010000, it is safer to have few 0.0000000 preroll bets and not lose everything.
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deomid12111:03:2017 08:06
make a script that would have doubled the bet after 5 more rolls roll 90.00
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SethRollins12:03:2017 04:39
GlenArven your script seems to be great. With all respect i think it needs a better explanation of how it works, let's say a better explanation of how to setup the parameters like Minbal and Tbaldiv...

i've been playing with it and already crashed twice. it would be great if you teach how to setup the parameters with some examples
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GlenArven12:03:2017 12:26
    Well, lets look at minbal first. When one plays a martingale there is a bet multiplier one uses to eventually, 
hopefully, win back what you lost and make a profit. Example, 1 * 2.25 = 2.25 * 2.25 = 5.625 * 2.25 = 12.65625. 
Each roll represents an increase of your betting ability by the applied multiplier. So, with a basebet of 0.00000001 
and a bet multiplier of 2.25 to roll 12 rolls you need 0.00013466. To roll 13 roll you need 2.25 times that 
or 0.00030301 or 0.000302985, I use a spred sheet for these numbers. minbal is based on the bet multiplier. 
And it is set up to calculate how much must be saved to , if you loose, resume rolling with the ability to roll 1 
fewer rolls than your balance allowed before you lost. 

    The thinking behind saving a minimum balance is this. winners and losers happen in waves. The odds of 
rolling 12 reds on a 2x game are 1 in 3635. But 12 reds do not sit and wait to arrive on the 3635th roll 
every time. Sometimes it comes sooner, sometimes much later. We all recognize that eventually you will hit 
that  red streak. With a minbalance saved , as disappointing as it maybe to loose that chunk of change, to start 
at the point where you are only one draw lower in available rolls is, in my mind, a better strategy than starting 
once again from busto.
If you do not wish to maintain a minimum balance you can turn it off in the user settings segment of the script.

    On to the Tbaldiv, or balance divisor for the 1.1x bet. Again these values are calculated based on the bet mutiplier.
They will not work correctly with any other 1.1x bet multiplier than 13. What they do do is explained briefly on line
83. If you divide your available balance by 1 you have an all in bet and only one chance to win. If you loose
you lost everything. If you divide your balance by 14 you will have two bets before busto. 183 is three bets and 2380
is four ect ect ect. The 1.1x bet is initiated by the passage of two consecutive 1.1x bets either above 90 or below 9.99. 
Under normal circumstances that would suggest there was a 1 in 1000 chance of the next roll being a looser. 
However this thinking has proven to be flawed. If you bet everytime 2 consecutive roll occur, either hi or low, there is in truth
a 1 in 10 chance, again, that the next roll will be a looser. So 1.1x bets have proven themselves to  be particularly troublesome
and unprofitable. In the begining, when I began this script, it was my thought that the 1.1x bets would be a safe way to break up
the 2x streaks and possibly extend the life of the bot. Since  then though I have made incremental improvements to 
the algorthm that sets bethigh to true or false. It is now my opinion that the 1.1x bet is not longer useful and in fact creates more 
risk than reward. 

If you do not want to bet 1.1x bets they can be disabled in the user settings section. 
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timelord14:04:2017 09:27
Dear GlenAren.
Your script work very well. But for a short time, i loss hafl of my balance. 17 loss in a row. Do you have facebook, or gmail? I thing it's fast an comfortable more here. Sorry for my english. If you see this comment please reply me on . Thanks
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Aragorn8304:07:2017 13:31
basebet: 2sat, Lose Streak: 20, Loss: > 0.04 (without 1.1x bets)
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Aragorn8326:06:2017 14:51
Lose Streak 18 and a loss of more than 0.03 btc
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sijarot04:09:2020 09:51
This comment has been removed.
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sijarot04:09:2020 09:56
minimal balance 1000 doge, never loss
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paratonsp17:03:2021 08:00
what website do you use? pd or 999?
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sijarot04:09:2020 10:01
every time I run the script I get 100 doge, in one day I get 2000 doge

--<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  User Settings  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>--
basebet    = balance/200000
keepminbal = true
play11x    = false
runMax     = 10000
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