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Uploaded by: GlenArven
The ultimate martingale script! 
The only thing you do is pick your 2x basebet. Based on your available balance the script will determine your minimum balance and your 2x bet multiplier. 1.1x bets are included to spice it up a little. They are safe 4 to 5 looser rolls. Meaning you would have to roll five or six 1.1x reds to loose the 1.1x bets. And the 1.1x bets are determined by the script and your balance. I added more automation for better calculation on the 1.1x bet. It will work for a wider range of balances now.

Martingales are very slow and maybe safe. But, if you get bored just change the basebet and see what happens. All of the current settings are displayed every roll. 
2x multiplier, low count, high count, Maximum Available Rolls, Maximum Number of Losses, Number of 1.1x bets, and the current Minimum Balance. 

Added a couple of small fixes.
Added automatic tipping function. When maximum balance is reached and tipping is turned on a tip of the amount you enter will be sent to the account you enter. Instructions are clearly posted on the script. Thx Jaarood for the idea.

If you like this script, donations are accepted @ 113JwiMN19MyziPEDohuFDrhujgzGrnqz4

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GlenArven04:03:2017 10:24
To solve a continuing issue with minimum balance being overrun add the following statement to the line above 
"end    --END dobet()".

if((balance - nextbet) < minbal) then
    print("You Lost!")

This may be more conservative than you would like, after all the last bet is the best bet, but if you want that minimum balance intact this should fix it.

Happy Hunting!!

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Pst29105:03:2017 12:40
This comment has been removed.
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Pst29105:03:2017 12:44
I just get continually humped by streaks on 90 (3 or 4 usually)

this keeping the minimum balance intact really wont work for me 
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GlenArven05:03:2017 22:22
The 1.1x bets are mostly just a diversion. I personally hate 1.1x betting. Hit 5 reds a couple days ago. But rather than sacrificing minbalance  you can look at line 58 : tbaldiv. The values listed to the right are all correct. If you want a more safe 1.1x bet then you can change the values of tbaldiv and tbaldiv2 to  higher values. Lines 293 - 327 are dedicated to automaticly setting both tbaldiv and tbaldiv2. The rolls they allow is stated. Change any or all of these values to larger values if you want to protect yourself from the dreaded 1.1x monster. I've hit six recently. That's 1 in a million rolls. :( Sorry for your misfortune. Persistence is the only option. GL!
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GlenArven06:03:2017 10:50
You can also completely turn 1.1x betting off by commenting out tgo on lines 299 and 303. 

-- 1.1x bet test
if ((aRoll < tlo) and (bRoll < tlo)) then
    --tgo = true
    thilo = true
    if ((aRoll > thi) and (bRoll > thi)) then
        --tgo = true
        thilo = false

That will disable 1.1x bets. GL!
-- END 1.1x bet test
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