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Name:HeyYouGuys - Low Luck Wins
Uploaded by: HeyYouGuys
A very simple script that simply automates both your bet size and your chance/payout. 

Recommended minimum bank account is 0.00100000

Your bet size is auto calculated and can be changed by setting the -basemultiplier- variable. Recommended basemultipliers are 0.0005 to 0.001  The higher the base multiplier the larger your bets will be (wilder swings). 

Chance is also auto calculated based on session profit. For this reason it's best to not reset your stats. 

Your chance will decrease the longer the streak. 

Your bet size will increase in negative profit... and lower in positive profit. 

RESULT:  Over time, you will achieve positive returns at 97.8 Luck using the stock settings in the script (on average). 

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Hjorten07:02:2017 18:42
get this error when i try to start...
')' expected, got 'if'

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HeyYouGuys08:02:2017 09:49
Sorry I think I deleted that after I pasted it here. Thanks 	seuntjie for fixing!
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seuntjie08:02:2017 08:01
There was a missing bracket in one of the lines. I've fixed it now.
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plamenm11:02:2017 01:02
keep say 'chance too low' 
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