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BetKing -

Owned by: Dean Nolan Thread


BK has a pretty slick feel to it. The UI is responsive and the design is efficient and easy to use.The colour schemes does take some getting used to and does leave something to be desired.


The user interface of BK is well laid out on the main page. One can easily chat, bet, deposit and withdraw. The user interface is simple and logically laid out, with all of the important buttons easily visible and accessible. The important actions can be completed with verfy few clicks, but there are some unfriendly things about the page.The login and withdraw forms do not take enter as accept, you need to click on the accept button. I, for one, am too lazy to move my hands between the mouse and the keyboard the whole time, so I like being able to navigate using only the keyboard. So this is a bit of an irritation.I am also not crazy about the idea of having to navigate to a whole new page to access my account details, like email settings, deposit/withdrawal histories etc.The usability of BKis great for someone that only wants to gamble, and in the end, that's all that matters.


BK uses a nonce and hash based provably fair method that is very similar to that of just-dice and primedice. I personally consider the method it is based on to be the best of the provably fair methods used by btc casinos.The full details of the provably fair method can be found on the site with a verifier found at The basics of the provably fair method is as follows:The site chooses a server seed and provides you with the hash, proving that the server seed isn't changed after the fact. You choose your own client seed and a nonce is used that is basically the number of rolls you've made with the server-client seed pair.a hmac-sha512 hash is computed with nonce:serverseed:nonce as the key, of nonce:clientseed:nonce. The hash is split into groups of 5 characters. If the first group is less than 1 000 000, it is divided by 10 000 and the result is your roll. If the group is more than 1 000 000, the next group is used. If no group is found with a value of less than 1 000 000, the roll defaults to 0Below is a c# implementation of a roll verifier for BK:

public virtual double GetLucky(string server, string client, int nonce) { HMACSHA512 betgenerator = new HMACSHA512(); server = nonce+":"+server+":"+nonce; int charstouse = 5; List<byte> serverb = new List<byte>(); for (int i = 0; i < server.Length; i++) { serverb.Add(Convert.ToByte(server[i])); } betgenerator.Key = serverb.ToArray(); List<byte> buffer = new List<byte>(); string msg = nonce.ToString() + ":" + client + ":" + nonce.ToString(); foreach (char c in msg) { buffer.Add(Convert.ToByte(c)); } byte[] hash = betgenerator.ComputeHash(buffer.ToArray()); StringBuilder hex = new StringBuilder(hash.Length * 2); foreach (byte b in hash) hex.AppendFormat("{0:x2}", b); for (int i = 0; i < hex.Length; i+=charstouse) { string s = hex.ToString().Substring(i, charstouse); double lucky = int.Parse(s, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber); if (lucky < 1000000) return lucky / 10000; } return 0; }


BK has propbably the fastest betting speed of the sites that my bot supports. I've personally been able to hit 10 bets/s at the site and I've heard reports of up to 17 bets per second from other users.BK does throttle smaller bets to prevent the site from lagging too much, but the throttles are relatively small to other sites.The user interface is fast and responsive and runs smoothly, I have not experienced any UI lag at BK.


BK has no official API.The site runs on a combination of rest api and a signalr client. Most actions, such as betting and withdrawing are performed via the signalR client, while values such as user stats are collected via the rest api.Although no official API documentation is available, Dean will probably not mind helping you to get a bot up and running if you ask him. Otherwise, this is DiceBots implementation of BK, you are welcome to base your code off of it: Github Source File


The BK community used to be pretty warm and welcoming, but in the recent days (at the time of writing), it has been rather desolate. While a lot of wagering still happens at the site, there is very little chatting going on from what I can see.There is one community driven chat bot running on BK, run by myself. While it can rain on users, it has not been funded for several weeks now, and there are hardly enough people online in the chat to rain on.


Dean is a trusted dice site operator with no major incident to date. There has been a number of smaller incidents regarding but bounties not being paid, but most has been settled at the time of writing.Dean is usually a nice guy, but can be rude on a bad day and might at times seem like he doesn't care for his users. He has a zero tolerance attitude towards the chat. Mentioning another site by name might result in an immediate ban. He has alienated some users that were loyal to him over issues some would consider trivial.My personal experience with Dean has been good. He's been really helpful in getting my bots up and running and he's always notified me of changed that could affect the bot before he made them. I was also permitted to participate in the beta of PRC2 so I could have time to get my bot working correctly before the site launched.He has made some decisions while operating his site that I personally would have made differently, but it is his site and he is allowed to run it as he pleases. Besides, It doesn't seem like they were wrong decisions, after all, the site's still around and doing well.


BK  used to be a crowd funded casino, but recently it was removed. BK has the following features:Normal Dice siteRoulette gameBlackjackAutomated rolling (built in bot)hotkeyscommunity chat with private messagesprovably fair rollingleaderboardsquick links to social media platforms.interchangeable themesnear Instant withdrawals (~ 1 minute)Affiliates program

My Comments

BK is a good site with a lot of potential. Dean should bring back the games he used to have, like roulette and poker in my opinion, since it put the site ahead of others. The site has been around for quite a while without any major incident, which is quite a feat in itself these days. Dean has an interesting way of running the site that many do not agree with. This has caused some friction with loyal customers and driven some of them away, even after they spent a lot of time and effort defending Dean and BK.  The site has the potential to be great and it is one of the best coded sites I have used, but I feel that Dean needs to improve on his PR skills a bit before the site will really become what it can be.The site works great though, and I have spent many hours and coins on it.
This Review was done on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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paying_mlm24:05:2016 16:53
using my user name and password which I got from BK when I visited first, I can not login through diceBot.  Any help is appreciated..

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seuntjie25:05:2016 06:52
I'm aware of the login issues at betking, I've not had a chance to look into them.
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Gedz01:06:2016 14:11
When can we expect fix?
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seuntjie02:06:2016 06:18
When I get time to work on the bot.

Please understand that the bot is a HOBBY for me. I do have a job and a girlfriend and friends and family. If any of these require my attention, I can't work on the bot.
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l2r10:06:2016 12:00
This comment has been removed.
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cutmoney16:12:2017 09:54
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cutmoney16:12:2017 09:57
Thanks seuntjie! If it wasn't for you, I would have had to code this all my self, and looking at your code, I think it would have me a very long time before it was this good.

Edit comment pls
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